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Informational/Analytical Services
- development and introduction of automatic information collection and processing systems
- taking and processing of service center orders for delivery of spare parts to perform warranty and post-warranty repairs
- compilation and placement of consolidated orders in a manufacturer company
- collecting and analyzing of information for warranty services, preparing of reports for a manufacturer company
-  keeping store records of spare parts (products), aiming to exchange or return
- assistance to manufacturers in carrying out of revisions for service centers activity

Logistics Services
- developing of logistics schemes and delivery of spare parts from manufacturers locations (Europe) to a concrete service center
- allocation of spare parts based on service centers orders and delivery those allover the Russian Federation
- tracing shipping errors, defects in spare parts, and providing their replacement with the service center
- organizing, planning and supporting of the warehouse operations with the specified shipping parameters
- minimization of manufacturers expenditures through the use of the unique, highly-effective warehouse planning algorithm

Customs Formalities
AIDE, having the whole informational assistance of a manufacturer, which includes presentation of all necessary certificates of compliance, technical and permitting documents, takes the complete responsibility for coordination with customs agencies, specifically:
- preparing of the required documentation.
- declaring of shipments for customs clearance on the part of the consignee
- monitoring of changes in customs laws to provide current adaptation of the services in changing environment.

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